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May and June Item Writing Meetings Prepare More than 500 New Exam Questions for Paramedic Level.

Item Writing Meetings were held at the NREMT from May 15-17 and June 19-21 for the purpose of writing questions to fill the Paramedic level item (exam question) banks. Over 500 new items were written. The NREMT regularly hosts Item Writing Meetings so that item banks can be adequately full and allow for regular rotation of questions.

The NREMT board members and staff are extremely appreciative of the questions participants prepared ahead of time and brought to the meetings, at which time each question was exhaustively reviewed to ensure it met the stringent requirements for items.

The May meeting included the following participants: State Training Coordinator Jan Brinkman (Maine); NREMT Board Member Dr. Joe Ornato (Virginia); and Educators Marc Holyfield (Arizona), Pam Bradshaw (Ohio),  Andy Stern (New York), Wes Ogilvie (Texas), Mark Galtelli (North Carolina), Scott Snyder (California), Kerry Campbell (Wisconsin), Carolyn Rinaca (Virginia), and Kevin Fitzgerald (Montana).

The June meeting included the following participants: State Training Coordinator John Thomas (West Virginia); Dr. Murry Sturkie (Idaho); and Educators Patricia Tritt (Colorado), Charmaine Kaptur (Oregon), Scott Matin (New Jersey), Maureen Whitehurst (South Carolina), and NREMT Board Member Debra Cason (Texas).

NREMT Attends U.S. Army EMS Educators Conference

Terry Markwood, NREMT Certification Coordinator, attended the 2008 Annual U.S. Army EMS (68W) Educators Conference held in San Antonio, Texas from May 5-9. Attended by US Army combat medics, the conference allows attendees to earn continuing education credits and participate in sessions on specific areas of combat EMS.

“The performance of the army medic for saving lives on the battlefield is outstanding,” Terry noted. “This conference allows the Soldiers to obtain the valuable training they need for continued success.”

The conference highlights the latest technology and treatment for modalities for Combat Medic Training. Attendees are updated with the latest emergency and military (emergency) equipment utlilized, doctrine, procedures, lessons learned, and hands-on training.

The U.S. Army EMS Program Office is recognized as a State-Level EMS Office to the NREMT. It is responsible for the accreditation, credentialing, and regulatory oversight of 214 training sites located globally throughout the active, USAR, and ARNG components. It provides support to more than 59,000 Soldier medics. More information about the U.S. Army EMS Program is at http://www.cs.amedd.army.mil/68w

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