Recertification Information

Your National EMS Certification is the most recognized EMS credential and demonstrates that you meet national standards for the EMS profession.

Nationally Certified EMS Providers recertify biennially (every two years).

There are two ways to recertify:

1) Documentation of continuing education -

Use the NREMT online recertification process - log in to your NREMT account, click on 'My Certification,' affiliate with your Agency (employer), document your continuing education, pay the recertification application fee and submit your records to your Training Officer/Medical Director to verify prior to your expiration date.

2) Recertification by Examination -

During the last six (6) months of your recertification cycle - complete a 'Recertification by Examination' application, obtain your Authorization to Test (ATT) letter the next business day and take the current National EMS Certification exam at your provider level.

Upon successful completion of the examination, you will be able to print an abbreviated Recertification Form from the NREMT website. Return the completed form (with required signatures) to the NREMT prior to your expiration date.

*Individuals requiring a National EMS Certification card to work should submit their application for processing at least two (2) months prior to their expiration date.

*Some employers and states may have special requirements in addition to those of the NREMT. Please contact your employer or State EMS Office for more information.

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