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Check Emergency Medical Personnel Status

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) keeps a list of individuals who have gained and maintained status as a Nationally Certified EMR, EMT, AEMT, and/or Paramedic. To determine if an individual possesses national certification, you will need to choose either the public search option or the registry number validation option.

Public Search

Option 1: Enter, as a minimum, the individual's Last Name and State of Residence. You may conduct a more precise search by also entering the individual's First Name, Middle Initial, and/or City of Residence.

Note: Search results will return a list of names of individuals who possess national certification (not a license to work) at one of the levels indicated above. The search results do not necessarily represent the current city/state where the individual lives or works. Individuals using this page should verify the search results and the current licensure status with the appropriate state EMS licensing/certification agency. To contact a specific state EMS licensing/certification agency, click here.

*State of EMT's Residence: 
City of EMT's Residence: 
First Name
*Last Name
*Denotes Required Field.

- OR -

Registry Number Validation

Option 2: Enter the individual's National Registry Number.

Note: The current status with the NREMT will be displayed based on the National Registry number that you enter. For example, if you enter an EMT-Basic number, the system will display only the status of the EMT-Basic certification, etc. To contact a specific state EMS licensing/certification agency, click here.

*National Registry #:

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