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How to Request an Accommodation

How to Request an Accommodation

If you are requesting an accommodation on any level of the National Registry examination, you must complete the following steps:

____ Complete a “log-in” profile on the NREMT website.(

____ Complete an application to take the examination on the NREMT website

____ After receiving an accommodation response, pay the fee to take the NREMT examination.

____ Print out the following documents (Must have Adobe Acrobat, see link at bottom of page to download a copy):

Accommodations Questionnaire

NREMT ADA brochure

Examination Accommodations Disability Policy

____ Obtain the requested documentation in support of your request from the professional who has diagnosed your disability and recommends that you be granted an accommodation.  Be sure to review the NREMT’s Examinations Accommodations Policy to make sure that you are submitting all the requested documentation and that the diagnosis is by a properly qualified professional.  You are encouraged to review the documentation requirements with the professional who made the diagnosis.  Submitting all the necessary documentation the first time will help to expedite the processing of your request.

____ Complete and sign the Questionnaire for Applicants Requesting Accommodations.

____ FAX or send the Questionnaire, your psychological evaluation, completed by a qualified analyst, which includes a diagnosis and the scores from your tests of achievement and ability to the NREMT 614-396-2401 at least 3 weeks prior to the date you want to test.

____ Wait for the NREMT’s review of your request.  The NREMT will send you an e-mail and follow this up with a letter indicating whether your request has been granted and, if so, what accommodations you will be provided.

____ If you have not completed the EMS training course but have already received a letter from the NREMT approving your accommodation, you need to wait until your course has been completed and your EMS Program Director validates your successful completion on the NREMT website.  The EMS Program Director’s validation of your course completion will result in your receipt of an Authorization to Test (ATT) letter. 

____ If you have already completed your course and received an Authorization to Test (ATT) letter, you should wait for notification from the NREMT regarding your accommodation request before scheduling a test. 

____ Do not attempt to schedule your examination with Pearson VUE until you have received BOTH your accommodation letter AND Authorization to Test (ATT) letter from the NREMT.

____ When you receive notification from the NREMT approving your accommodation request, the notification will include instructions on how to schedule your test with Pearson VUE via telephone. Do not schedule your test date via the Web, and be sure to alert Pearson VUE when you call that you have been approved for an accommodation.

____ Arrive on time at your scheduled examination appointment with two forms of identification (one must be a government issued identification with a photo) and prepare to take a computer based examination as outlined in your ATT letter and per the instructions regarding accommodations given to you by the Pearson VUE Accommodation Coordinator.

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