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Purchase NREMT Vouchers

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Vouchers are certificates individuals can use to pay for future NREMT CBT examinations or recertification fees. They are disbursed electronically, and are managed by you. Voucher numbers will appear in list form on the receipt page. You can also elect to have the list generated into a tab-delimited text file which you will need to download and save on your computer.

  • Each voucher number is unique and can only be used one time.
  • All vouchers are pre-paid.
  • Vouchers are non-refundable and non-returnable.
  • Vouchers expire 12 months from the date they are issued.
  • Voucher expiration dates cannot be extended.
  • The total purchase amount cannot exceed $10,000.00.
  • Vouchers are printed (your printer) by using the print dialog box or the File>Print menu selection of your browser on the receipt page.

National Registry vouchers should be treated as CASH. We recommend you make note of the vouchers you receive and their issuance, if you are purchasing more than one voucher. We are unable to replace lost or stolen vouchers. Vouchers expire one year from date of issuance.


Examination fees are set to increase effective January 1, 2017. If you have or are purchasing a voucher at the current price, please be sure to apply it by December 31, 2016. Vouchers may be applied before costs are incurred. Regardless of purchase date, any unused vouchers for the current prices will expire after December 31, 2016.

Vouchers at the new price level can be purchased effective December 25, 2016. Vouchers purchased for the new price levels will expire 12 months from issue.

Voucher Information
Please note: This page should only be used if you wish to purchase vouchers to be used to pay for future NREMT examinations or recertification fees. If you have any questions please contact the NREMT at (614) 888-4484 before you submit any credit card payment information.
Voucher Quantity
 First Responder / EMR ($65 each)
 EMT-Basic / EMT ($70 each)
 Advanced EMT (AEMT) ($100 each)
 EMT-Intermediate/99 ($100 each)
 EMT-Paramedic / Paramedic ($110 each)
 First Responder / EMR Recertification ($10 each)
 EMT-Basic / EMT Recertification ($15 each)
 EMT-Intermediate/85 Recertification ($15 each)
 Advanced EMT (AEMT) Recertification ($15 each)
 EMT-Intermediate/99 Recertification ($15 each)
 EMT-Paramedic / Paramedic Recertification ($20 each)
 Advanced EMT (AEMT) Transition ($70 each -- for current I85's only)
 Recertification: Paper Processing Fee ($5 each)

  Purchase Totals
Credit Card Information
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Your non-refundable/non-returnable voucher purchase payment will be charged without delay once you push "Submit."
Only press Submit one time. Please allow a moment after hitting Submit for the system to process your request.

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