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Results Reporting

Cognitive Examination Results

Results of your cognitive examination will be reported directly to you in the preferred method chosen as you create your NREMT account (electronic or US Mail).

Psychomotor Examination Results

First Responder, Emergency Medical Responder, EMT-Basic and Emergency Medical Technician psychomotor examinations must be state approved.

The approval process varies from state-to-state. The methods for reporting pass/fail results regarding psychomotor examinations are also managed in a variety of methods. If you pass the cognitive examination and the NREMT website does not indicate you obtained National EMS Certification then you should contact your instructor to determine who was responsible for reporting your results to the NREMT.

Advanced Level (Advanced EMT, Intermediate/99 and Paramedic) psychomotor exam results are provided to the NREMT by an approved National Registry Advanced Level Representative.

National EMS Certification is only awarded when successful completion of the cognitive and psychomotor examinations are reported.

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