During the Board of Directors meeting, in additional to staff reports fiduciary oversight, the Board passed a number of motions and resolutions. A summary of the board meeting, the motions, and the resolutions are available at the link below.

The Board has requested a 60-day stakeholder comment period for interested parties to comment on the motions and resolutions. All stakeholer comments will be reviewed and considered as the policies are implemented. Transparency and stakeholder input is essential to the National Registry. If you would like to comment on the proposed policy, please click here. The comment period will close on September 30, 2019.

A summary of board actions follows:

  1. National Registry staff presented an update on Strengthening The Core to the Board of Directors. The organization wide Strengthening The Core initiative is critical to the future success of the National Registry. The three main components are:
    1. Information Technology Infrastructure Overhaul
      1. Addition of seven full-time employees.
      2. Utilization of the National Registry’s project manager to organize, plan and coordinate Strengthening The Core projects.
      3. Extending the timeline of already identified Strengthening The Core projects.
      4. Continued maintenance of the National Registry’s Information Technology infrastructure.
    2. Examination Improvement
      1. Technology Enhanced Items (TEI), computer-based simulation and interactive graphics providing options beyond multiple choice.
      2. A new Item Management System.
      3. Changes in scoring model
    3. Continued Competency
      1. Initiative to develop a national guidance document supporting a systems approach to Continued Competency. The national Registry board has voted to move forward on owning the National Continued Competency approach.
  2. The National Registry is performing an EMS Practice Analysis, a required element to demonstrate content validity for all four levels of the certification examination. The practice analysis defines the work performed in the prehospital setting, providing a context which informs test specification and ensures National Registry certification is compliant with NCCA accreditation and the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. The panels have been completed and the data analysis in process.
  3. The Science and Examinations team provided an update that included the addition of new examination sites and an improved accommodations process. With an evaluation of nearly half of the states complete, the National Registry has added 82 new test sites to help reduce drive time and travel distances for candidates. It also makes scheduling easier with the added locations and available times. Also, the National Registry, which meets ADA requirements, has created a checklist to help guide candidates through the process of requesting accommodations for National Registry examinations.
  4. The Operations team introduced two groups for the National Registry – Stakeholder Partnerships and Project Management. As the National Registry engages in strengthened and new relationships, the Stakeholder Partnerships team was created to liaise with the many organizations and stakeholders. Likewise, the number of projects related to Strengthening The Core and improving the customer experience required the oversight of a dedicated Project Manager.
  5. The Finance and Administration teams briefed the Board of Directors on the upcoming fee increase and the National Registry’s volunteer experience. For only the second time in the National Registry’s history, the certification fee is increasing by a modest $5 at each level. Also, a revamped volunteer database is in the works. The National Registry encourages volunteers from a variety of EMS backgrounds to assist as Item Writers, Panel Members and Exam Representatives.
  6. A streamlined and more efficient recertification process was announced by the Certification team. For 2019-2020, providers will assign continuing education to five general topic categories rather than the more than 30 subcategories currently required.
  7. The NREMT Board of Directors approved the following motions and resolutions:
    • 19-Resolution-03: Resolution on the National Registry of EMTs Board of Directors Support for Elimination of the Age Requirement. With no abstentions, the motion passed unanimously. This resolution eliminates age requirements (currently 18) for all certifications. As such, the National Registry will defer to states who already have age requirements in place.
    • 19-Resolution-04: Resolution on the National Registry of EMTs Board of Directors Support for the adoption of scaled score reporting in lieu of domain-level reporting of candidate examination results. With no abstentions, the motion passed unanimously.
    • 19-Resolution-05: Resolution on the National Registry of EMTs Board of Directors Support for adoption of technology enhanced item types on the cognitive examination. With no abstentions, the motion passed unanimously. This gives the National Registry flexibility to give more authentic items beyond the standard multiple choice items.
    • 19-Resolution-09: Resolution on the National Registry Board of Directors Support Recognition of Board-Certified EMS Physician training for National EMS Certification. With no abstentions, the motion passed unanimously. Recognizing that EMS fellows and board-certified EMS physicians have the equivalent to course completion of Paramedic certification and may set for the examination.
    • 19-Resolution-10: Resolution on the National Registry Board of Directors Support of Advanced Placement Pathway for National EMS certification. With no abstentions, this motion passed unanimously.
    • 19-Motion-11: The Standards and Examination Committee moves that the Board of Directors continue to support the Examinations Improvement Plan. With no abstentions, the motion passed (17-1).
    • 19-Motion-13: The Finance Committee moves that the Board of Directors approve the 2019 Amended Budget. With no abstentions, the motion passed unanimously.
    • 19-Motion-15: Resolution on the Merchandise Offered for Sale by the National Registry. With no abstentions, the motions passed unanimously.

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Click here to download the full text of the resolutions and motions in a pdf document. 
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