National Registry of EMTs

Mobile Testing Information

The National Registry of EMTs has provided the opportunity to view and use new versions of the Mobile App before the new versions are released to the public. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please check out our volunteer page here.


Since this is an iOS application, only users with an iPhone/iPad will be able to use the application.

Once you access the Mobile App, please be aware that you are accessing your LIVE account. Any changes you make in the Mobile App will impact your account.


To install the mobile app, please download and follow the “Installation Instructions”. You can access the file below. If you have difficulty downloading the Test Flight application, please send an e-mail to

Once you download the NREMT App, please login using your normal NREMT username/password from the website

For a list of everything you can do in the new Mobile App, please view the file “Available Functionality”. You can access the file below.

If you run into any bugs, you can submit a bug to us through the application. Please click the “+” at the top right and select “Report a Bug”.

If you do not see a feature that you were hoping was available, please click the "+" at the top right and select "Request a Feature".

We hope you enjoy the new Mobile App!