National Registry of EMTs

NREMT Board Meeting – November 14‐15, 2017 Action Summary

The National Registry of EMT (NREMT) Board of Directors met November 14‐15, 2017 in Columbus Ohio.

The following is a summary of board actions:

  1. Election results for board positions effective January 1, 2018:
    • Executive Committee Chair‐Elect: Heather Davis, EdD, NRP
    • Executive Committee At‐Large Member: Sandy Hunter, PhD, NRP
    • Physician At‐Large: Patricia Hastings, DO
    • NAEMSP Nominated Member: Scott Gilmore, MD, FACEP, NRP (incumbent)
    • ACEP Nominated Member: Craig Manifold, DO, FACEP, FAAEM (incumbent)
    • AAA Nominated Member: Michael Kass, JD, MS, EMT
    • EMS Provider At‐Large: Tom Platt, EdD, NRP (incumbent)
    • IAFC Nominated Member: Mike McEvoy, PhD, NRP, RN, CCRN (incumbent)
    • NASEMSO Nominated Member: Alisa Habeeb Williams, BS, NRP
    • Public Member: Marcia Hefner, BS
  2. The NREMT held a standard setting meeting for the EMT cognitive exam. Based on the results of the panel and the evaluation of the Standards and Exams committee, the NREMT Board of Directors voted to maintain the current passing standard set for the EMT cognitive examination.
  3. The NREMT will no longer offer the I‐99 examination after December 31, 2019. Candidates will not be able to take the I99 exam after December 31, 2019, including retesting. NREMT staff has developed a transition plan for the retirement of the examination for the states that still utilize this examination.
  4. The NREMT will allow candidates taking an NREMT cognitive examination at any level to use the on screen calculator provided through Pearson VUE’s testing software. The Examinations staff is working with Pearson VUE to implement the change based on the following schedule:

    March 2018 ‐ Paramedic

    April 2018 ‐ AEMT

    May 2018 ‐ EMT

    September 2018 ‐ EMR

  5. The NREMT Board directed staff to convene a task force with State and Federal representatives. The goal of the task force is to recommend a policy for NREMT certification based on training conducted outside the United States by entities that are not affiliated with US state approved training programs. In addition, the NREMT Board suspended all consideration or approval of new requests for NREMT certification based on training conducted outside the United States by entities that are not affiliated with US state and state‐equivalent agencies approved training programs, pending adoption of a revised international policy. Currently approved programs may continue with appropriate staff oversight.
  6. The 2018 budget was reviewed and approved with an expected net income of $300,000 and an expected request to utilize investments of $320,000 to support 2018 NREMT activities.
  7. The NREMT Board of Directors approved a recommendation made by staff to commission the following:
    1. A State EMS Officials Advisory Group will be created to advise staff on perspectives and needs of State EMS officials.
    2. Three new committees (Call Center, Communications and Certification Committees)
    3. Two subcommittees (ADA will be a subcommittee of the Examinations committee and Continued Competency committee will be a subcommittee of the Certification committee)
    4. Two task forces (Standard Setting Task Force and NCCP Revision Task Force)
    5. Practice Analysis, Psychomotor Exam, Differential Item Functioning, Scenario Development and Item Writing Task Forces will be commissioned to advise the Chief Testing Officer on specific examination tasks.
    These changes have been implemented to align board committee structure with Organizational activities. Additionally, the changes support an overall governance project that the NREMT staff and Board of Directors will be working on throughout 2018.
  8. The NREMT Board directed staff to convene a task force with state and federal officials to make recommend strategy and policy regarding evaluation of criminal background disclosures of applicants (project referred to as “Fitness to Practice”).
  9. The NREMT Executive Director Search Committee, led by Dr. Bob Swor, is working diligently in search for the next NREMT Executive Director. Application reviews and preliminary interviews will continue through early 2018 followed by in‐person interviews with the Committee and finalist meetings with NREMT Board and staff. In the interim, the NREMT will continue to move forward thanks to the strong leadership of Drew Dawson, the Interim Executive Director.
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