National Registry of EMTs

NREMT Announces Search For New Executive Director

Role of Executive Director

In collaboration with the Board of Directors, the primary responsibility of the Executive Director is to lead the NREMT and to establish and achieve the organization’s vision.

Because the NREMT provides high-stakes certification examinations that are used as a basis for state EMS licensing, knowledge of issues influencing the use of the NREMT by states is crucial. The Executive Director position is among the most visible and influential positions in the Emergency Medical Services profession. As the primary spokesperson for the NREMT, the Executive Director often travels to meet with various EMS stakeholders. Professionalism, dedication and relentless focus are essential attributes for this well-compensated and rewarding position.

The EMS community is currently undergoing transitions that will provide exciting opportunities for growth and change at the NREMT. Examples include the implementation of the EMS Education Agenda for the Future: A Systems Approach, the development of EMS Agenda 2050, and the implementation of the interstate EMS compact (REPLICA). Working with the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is expected to guide the NREMT through these transitions while ensuring the continued success of the organization’s mission.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Formulate and implement a strategy addressing trends in EMS that affect the NREMT’s mission, including its responsibility to protect the public
  2. Engage the Board of Directors and NREMT staff to develop, implement, monitor and adjust the intermediate and long-term strategic plans and expected outcomes of the organization; this includes the development and reporting of both programmatic and fiscal management metrics
  3. Oversee the development and administration of psychometrically-sound and legally-defensible examinations
  4. Understand, interpret, and administer organizational policies and procedures regarding applicants and certified personnel who interact with the NREMT
  5. Manage a $16 million budget by developing annual operating budgets that are linked to the NREMT’s strategic plan
  6. Provide leadership, guidance and development for NREMT staff
  7. Develop and promote the organization’s national activities
  8. Oversee the application of information technologies to maximize efficiency and effectiveness


Leadership Skills, Characteristics and Competencies

  1. A keen interest in, genuine passion for, and deep personal commitment to the mission of the NREMT
  2. The capacity to articulate a clear vision that motivates and inspires
  3. A demonstrated ability to translate an understanding of the issues facing the national EMS community into strategic initiatives
  4. Knowledge of the roles, scopes of practice and clinical competencies of Nationally Certified EMS professionals
  5. A thorough understanding of psychometric principles
  6. Competence in the development and management of budgets
  7. The ability to be a receptive listener and creative problem solver who is politically savvy, patient, collaborative and able to reconcile divergent points of view
  8. The ability to plan and manage multiple overlapping projects to accomplish strategic objectives
  9. The ability to present a professional image on behalf of the NREMT
  10. Strong written, verbal and public speaking communication skills
  11. An understanding of communication strategy and information distribution technologies
  12. Integrity, sensitivity and the ability to work effectively with diverse groups of people
  13. An understanding of the principles of statistics, statistical reports and analysis, particularly as they apply to business and industry trend analysis

Ideal Experience

  1. The demonstrated ability to effectively communicate with national EMS stakeholders and other diverse national stakeholder organizations
  2. Experience as a visionary leader as demonstrated through leadership of unique national projects of significance either on a paid on a volunteer basis
  3. Experience as a business executive at the local, state or, preferably, national level
  4. Experience establishing or implementing uniform certification and testing processes at the state or, preferably, national level with emphasis on psychometrically-sound and legally-defensible examinations
  5. Broad experience in a field of clinical patient care with experience in prehospital emergency medical care preferred
  6. A history of participation in NREMT activities
  7. The current or previous possession of National EMS Certification through NREMT preferred
  8. Experience managing or serving on a local, state or national EMS board or advisory council

Additional Information

Candidates should provide a cover letter describing their interest in and qualifications for the position, a resume, and the names and telephone numbers of three professional references. All inquiries will be kept confidential. References will not be contacted until the candidates have been notified. For full consideration, materials should be received by close of business on October 20, 2017. The decision regarding selection of the Executive Director will be made by the NREMT Board of Directors. For more information about the NREMT, candidates are encouraged to visit

After September 4, questions concerning this position should be directed to Drew Dawson, Interim Executive Director, at 614-888-4484 ext. 116.

To submit your application or for more information visit:


The mission of the National Registry of EMTs is to serve as the National EMS Certification organization by providing a valid, uniform process to assess the knowledge and skills required for competent practice by EMS professionals throughout their careers and by maintaining a registry of certification status.