National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians

National EMS Certification

The Registry

The New AEMT & Paramedic Examinations

Important Timelines And Information
Key information about the timing of the new examinations and the associated fees.
About The Examinations
Information about the content, types of items, Clinical Judgment Domain Sample Packet, AEMT Items, and Paramedic Items.
Candidate Pathways
Specific information about various candidate pathways related to current cognitive examinations, psychomotor examinations, and the new AEMT and Paramedic Certification Examinations.
Frequently Asked Questions
The most commonly asked questions about the examination requirements and other related information.
Additional Information
Important dates for future presentations at key EMS meetings.

EMS Compact

The EMS Compact, enacted by legislation in 21 states, protects the public and enhances the Emergency Medical Services system in the United States. The EMS Compact facilitates the day-to-day movement of EMS personnel across state boundaries in the performance of their EMS duties as assigned by an appropriate authority. The EMS Compact authorizes state EMS offices to afford immediate legal recognition to EMS personnel licensed in any other member state.

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