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National Certification and EMS Licensure

National EMS Certification assures the public, licensing officials, and employers that the EMS professional is competent. The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians® (National Registry) provides National EMS Certification for the United States. This is a standard that every American citizen deserves—at their moment of greatest need. National EMS Certification is part of the national EMS Education Agenda for the Future: A Systems Approach.

After candidates complete an approved EMS education program, and they meet eligibility requirements, candidates are required to demonstrate entry level competency on both cognitive and psychomotor examinations.

The first step of the national certification process is to create an National Registry profile. Create National Registry Account





Certification And Licensure

There is a difference between licensure. While certification shows that you have met an entry level competency standard, state licensure is what gives you the right to work in a particular capacity. Nationally Certified EMS providers who are not state licensed cannot practice. After you obtain National EMS Certification, you must obtain a license to work from the State EMS Office in the state(s) you plan to practice. To learn more, check out our page describing the legal differences between certification and licensure .

National Registry Entry Requirements

In order to obtain National EMS Certification, candidates must meet the current entry requirements. The National Registry Board developed these requirements to seek uniformity across the nation. Generally these requirements regard your age, education, certificate(s) which demonstrate competency (i.e. CPR), review of any criminal convictions or disciplinary action, and examination requirements. For the specific requirements of a particular level, select the level (above).

Cognitive Exams

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Psychomotor Exams

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How Are Exam Results Reported?

Cognitive Examination Results

Results of your cognitive examination will be reported directly to you electronically. To view your results, login with your username and password, then select 'Application Status'.

Psychomotor Examination Results

Emergency Medical Responder and Emergency Medical Technician psychomotor examinations are conducted at a state level. The approval process varies from state-to-state. The methods for reporting pass/fail results regarding psychomotor examinations are also managed in a variety of methods. If you pass the cognitive examination and the National Registry website does not indicate you obtained National EMS Certification then you should contact your instructor to determine who was responsible for reporting your results to the National Registry.

Advanced Level (Advanced EMT and Paramedic) psychomotor exam results are provided to the National Registry by an approved National Registry Advanced Level Representative. National EMS Certification is only awarded when successful completion of the cognitive and psychomotor examinations are reported.