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Volunteer and Collaboration Opportunities

National Registry of EMTs Volunteers

Several times a year, the NREMT gathers a diverse group of EMS professionals from across the nation to collaborate with us in developing fair and accurate National EMS Certification examinations. Volunteer opportunities exist in four areas: cognitive item development, psychomotor scenario development, standard setting and practice analysis. Each of these initiatives serves as an exciting professional development opportunity for members of the EMS community, and EMS personnel of all backgrounds and experience levels are encouraged to apply.

Participating in an NREMT volunteer initiative makes you part of a prestigious group helping to shape the future of National EMS Certification examinations, and the work of NREMT volunteers has a direct impact on the care and protection of the public.

Volunteer Initiatives


Cognitive item development is the process of drafting and reviewing potential questions for cognitive examinations. Volunteers for this initiative may work as item writers, who will draft potential examination items, or as item reviewers, who will gather at the NREMT office to discuss and edit the items. Those items that the group determines meet the quality standards of National EMS Certification examinations will then move forward through review by NREMT staff, pilot testing and psychometric performance analysis. Items that successfully pass these processes then finally find a home on an NREMT cognitive examination.


Psychomotor scenario development is the process of drafting and reviewing potential scenarios for psychomotor examinations. Volunteers selected for this initiative will undergo an intensive training session on scenario development; after, volunteers will draft their own scenarios and review them with fellow scenario developers and NREMT staff. Successful items will proceed from group review through additional validation processes before potentially being added to an NREMT psychomotor examination.


National EMS Certification is a promise of entry-level competency — but how do we determine what that means? Standard setting is the process by which the national benchmark for competent care in EMS is defined.


To ensure an accurate understanding of the current state of practice in the out-of-hospital setting, the NREMT conducts practice analyses. A practice analysis examines the frequency, impact and potential for harm of various EMS tasks performed at each of the four levels of National EMS Certification. The results of a practice analysis guide the creation and implementation of items for NREMT examinations.

Volunteer Benefits

Regardless of your current role in EMS, volunteering with the NREMT is a unique opportunity for professional development. NREMT volunteer initiatives provide rare chances for networking with some of the most talented EMS personnel in the nation, and each initiative offers first hand insight into the National EMS Certification process.

All initiatives requiring travel to Columbus feature a fully-funded travel package including food and lodging. After you’ve completed an initiative, you can count your NREMT volunteer experience toward the continuing education requirements of your next National EMS recertification period. (Hours earned vary by program.)

Ready To Participate?

After applying, an NREMT representative will contact you with more information if you’re selected as a volunteer. Don’t panic if you aren’t selected right away! Each initiative has room for only a small number of applicants at a time, but the NREMT works to include as many volunteers in the examination development process as possible.