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Information for Agency Medical Directors

The Role of an Agency Medical Directors

IMPORTANT NOTICE: On September 8, 2017, we launched Recert 2.0, the largest update ever of the NREMT’s recertification system. We're currently working to update our Medical Director specific training videos and user guides.

We've added many new features exclusively for Medical Directors including an enhanced Medical Director Dashboard and an enhanced agency roster.

Medical Directors ensure the continued competency of Nationally Registered EMS personnel by validating level specific skills. To maintain an 'Active' National EMS Certification, all advanced level providers (Paramedics and Advanced-EMTs) are required to have a licensed physician medical director attest to their skill competency every 2-year recertification cycle.


Create a NREMT account

Before a Medical Director can request the Medical Director role, they must have a NREMT account. If you already have a NREMT account, do not create a new account. See the section below "Add the Medical Director Role to my NREMT Account" for detailed instructions.

Follow the steps below to create a NREMT account:

  • From the homepage select Create An Account
  • Choose a username and password (both are case sensitive)
  • Enter your LEGAL name. (If you need to change your name in the future, you will be required to provide legal evidence of a name change.)
  • Enter YOUR email address, YOUR phone number, and YOUR address.

Instructional Video

This video describes how to create a NREMT user account.


For detailed instructions on how to add the Medical Director role to an account and affiliate with an agency, watch the 3-minute video below.

This video describes how to add the Medical Director role to a user account.

The agency's current Training Officer on file must approve your Medical Director role request. If the Training Officer currently listed for the agency is no longer with the agency, send an email to or call 614-888-4484, extension 192 for assistance.

Attest to Skills Competency for Advanced Level Providers

As the Physician Medical Director for a service, one of your primary responsibilities is to verify the continued skills competency for advanced level EMS providers. To accomplish this:

  1. Login to your NREMT account
  2. Select the Medical Director role (if not pre-selected for you)
  3. Select Pending Recertification Packets from the left-side menu
  4. Complete the attestation statements for each affiliate

For Advanced-EMTs and Paramedics, Physician Medical Directors are expected to verify competency for the following skills:

  • Patient Assessment/Management
  • Ventilatory Management Skills/Knowledge
  • Cardiac Arrest Management
  • Hemmorrhage Control and Splinting Procedures
  • IV Therapy & IO Therapy
  • Spinal Immobilization
  • OB/Gynecologic Skills/Knowledge
  • Other related Skills/Knowledge (As required by the Physician Medical Director)