National Registry of EMTs

Complaints Policy

It is the policy of the NREMT to respond to complaints in a constructive and timely manner. NREMT responds to all inquiries and concerns brought to our attention. Complaints can be submitted by email to The NREMT will confirm receipt by email and provide status updates. Most notifications and initial responses are sent within five business days.

A candidate or registrant who wishes to submit a complaint to the NREMT must submit notice of complaint to the office of the NREMT within thirty (30) days of the action(s) resulting in complaint. The notice of complaint must contain the individual’s personal statement and any supporting documentation. The NREMT will treat any person who invokes this complaint procedure courteously. The NREMT will handle all complaints swiftly and confidentially to the extent possible, considering the need to take appropriate corrective action. Most complaints are investigated and resolved within 30 days, and updates will be provided if delays are encountered. Documentation and information submitted as part of a complaint will be subject to the NREMT Privacy Policy.